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At ASR Dental we take an individual approach, tailoring dental hygiene and treatments to suit each member of your family. Whatever your dental needs, our team will be happy to help at one of our welcoming clinics in Yorkshire. From dental check ups and routine hygiene appointments right through to oral surgery and dental emergencies, we can offer everything you and your family need for happy, healthy smiles.


Nobody should have to put up with dental pain, and at ASR Dental we are here to help. If you need an urgent dental appointment, please get in contact with your nearest ASR Dental practice in Yorkshire. Our friendly team will be available to arrange an emergency consultation with one of our dentists as soon as possible.

Our aim is to free you from any dental pain as quickly as we can. We want you to feel relaxed and in charge of your emergency dental treatment every step of the way. Following your emergency assessment, our team will make sure you understand all of your treatment options and explain any costs involved.

Hygiene Services

Regular dental hygiene visits are vital for retaining good oral health. Our team of hygienists are trained to spot dental issues before they become a problem, helping you to avoid the worry and cost of further treatment.

As well as checking the health of your mouth, teeth and gums, our hygienists will help you and your family to establish effective, preventative routines, and advise you on brushing techniques and the use of dental floss. We recommend you visit one of our team for a hygiene appointment every six months.

Childrens Dentistry

From a very young age, children can benefit greatly from simple dental hygiene routines. At ASR Dental we are able to support the oral health of your family from an early age and encourage you to bring your children along to one of our dental practices.

Our team are trained to make sure all our young guests feel relaxed and comfortable about visiting the dentist. As their teeth mature we will be able to keep an eye on progress and recommend any necessary treatment or health routines.


Extracting impacted wisdom teeth, or removing a badly fractured tooth is usually a straightforward procedure that may only take a few minutes. Your dentist may also recommend extraction if you have discomfort caused by an abscesses or serious tooth decay. Sometimes teeth may have to be extracted for cosmetic or orthodontic reasons.

At ASR Dental we do our very best to help all our patients feel relaxed and at ease during treatment. We will talk you through all stages of your dental treatment and our gentle local anaesthetics will block pain in your gums but allow you to remain awake during your procedure.

TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ sits just in front of your ear and forms the connection between your skull and your lower jaw. Issues with the TMJ can cause pain in the head, neck, face and ears. If you have problems with biting, jaw clicks or teeth grinding, these may also be symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Our TMJ experts can help you with a diagnosis of TMJ disorder and advise you on effective home strategies. They will also be able to help you with treatment. For example, orthodontic treatment can realign your teeth and jaws, and dental appliances can relieve teeth grinding.

Anti Snoring

Persistent snoring can have a negative effect on both you and your partner. One of the most effective ways to resolve this problem is to wear an anti-snoring appliance whilst you sleep. These custom-made devices fit comfortably in your mouth and promote more effective breathing patterns.

During your anti-snoring consultation your ASR dentist will also be able to advise you on lifestyle factors that may help combat your snoring habit. These include sleeping on your side, avoiding evening alcohol and improving your daytime activity levels and diet.

Oral Cancer Screening

Mouth or oral cancer accounts for 1 out of every 50 cancer cases diagnosed in the UK each year. Treatments for oral cancer vary but prognosis is greatly improved by early detection. This is where regular visits to your dentist can make a big difference.

Cancers can develop in different areas of the mouth, including your tongue and lips. At ASR Dental your health is our top priority and we perform oral cancer screening as part of our comprehensive dental and oral health checks. Oral cancers aren’t restricted to smokers, so it is important for everybody to include regular checks in their health routine.

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