The Very Latest Dental Technology

State of the art facilities providing advanced dental solutions

At ASR Dental we are continually looking forward. By embracing the challenges of complex treatments and investing time improving our dental techniques, we are able to practice an impressive array of dental issues. With the latest x-rays, scanners and microscopes as well as new diagnostic, surgical and non-surgical procedures, the modern era of digital dentistry is at our finger tips. Our Patients can now experience faster and more comfortable treatments.

We offer an array of cutting edge technology...

iTero scanners: These small handheld cameras take super high speed images of the inside of a patient’s mouth. It then creates a digital impression almost instantly onto a chair side display monitor through its dedicated CAD/CAM software. With instant imaging, your dentist can advise you of the most suitable treatments for your needs.

Electronic microscopes: Our high-spec microscopes enable us to detect a more accurate diagnosis and carry out greater precision in treatment. Our dental microscopes are used in both general dentistry and for specialist endodontic or periodontal treatments.

3D scanners: Known as CBCT scanners, Cone Bean Computed Tomography is a special type of x-ray that can take a panoramic or 3D image of a patient’s teeth, soft tissue and jawbone. Results are extremely detailed producing high quality imagery. This enables our dentists to carry out more precise planning for treatments such as dental implants.

Digital x-rays: With modern day equipment installed in our practices, our digital x-ray machines emit very low radiation levels providing a much safe environment for both patients and staff. We can therefore produce instant images which helps to minimise delays and speed up dental procedures.

Computerised systems: ASR Dental practices have dedicated software and computerised systems in place to record all our patient's individual dental history. This allows our support staff and clinicians to access immediate information and conduct a more efficient service. Our systems are safe, secure and updated each time a patient visits us.

Safe sterilisation practices: The health and safety of our patients is paramount. ASR Dental have strict sterilisation procedures in place to ensure all instruments are properly cleaned and disinfected. Most dental surgeries now have separate decontamination rooms with hi-tech cleaning machines and designated storage areas for cleaned instruments ready for use.

ASR Prosthetics: By joining ASR Dental, patients who require tooth restorations such as crowns, bridges, dental implants or dentures can now benefit with quicker turnaround times as we have our own dedicated laboratory. Prices will also be more competitive than other independent dental practices and the treatment process is far more efficient.

Our leadership team

The team at ASR Dental are dedicated to making sure the highest standards of dental care are delivered to each and every one of our patients. Would you like to be part our our family and pursue your career with our growing brand of dentistry?